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  • (801) 890-0737

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    Sandy Utah 84070


Analysis Paralysis

You Can’t Know Everything: Mitigating Anxiety in Decision-Making

Simplifying Decision-Making: Following Huerstic Short Cuts Have you ever found yourself stuck when making a decision? Whether it's choosing a ...
Man sitting with head in his hands

What is Anxiety? Symptoms and Causes

Experiencing anxiety occasionally is completely normal.  Anxiety is the body’s response to stress, it could be stress leading up to ...
man talking with therapist

Anger Issues: Signs of Anger Management Problems

Anger is something that everyone feels. It’s a sign that we feel strongly about something. However, if your anger is ...
a man talks to a therapist

What is Individual Therapy and How Does It Work: 6 Things To Know

1. What is Individual Therapy?  Individual therapy is a type of psychotherapy where a trained professional helps an individual work ...
A woman and her therapist at in-home therapy

3 Reasons You Should Consider In-Home Therapy

There are many different reasons people seek out therapy and many different techniques and theories that are used in the ...

5 Tips to Help You Manage Life Transitions 

5 Tips to Help You Manage Life Transitions  These days, it feels like everything is changing, now more than ever. ...

The Way Through Grief is to Grieve

By: Kelly Leon, AMFT Grieving a Loss Grief happens when there has been a significant loss. It often involves intense ...

Counseling Is More Important Than Ever

Counseling is always something that can really help you. It helps you feel better mentally, which helps your whole self. ...

Tips on Coping With Depression

Depression affects millions of Americans every year. Its symptoms can make it hard to be productive, or even feel like ...

How to Practice Self Care

What is Self Care? Self Care is the act of taking steps to care for your own mental, physical and ...

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