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  • (801) 890-0737

  • 11075 S State Street., STE 13
    Sandy Utah 84070

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Helping someone climb

We Got Your Back

There are things that we might put it aside or didn’t even realize, like a penny on the floor. We ...
Do not give up

Powerful Words to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety tortures millions. Gratefully, there are tools to combat it.  When anxiety attacks, there’s a simple antidote you can try:  The ...

“Man, You Think Too Much”: Psychology from The Sandlot

The Sandlot is a comedy classic.  It also has extremely valuable psychology!  Smalls thinks too much.  He’s constantly worrying.  He can’t ...
The 8 best ways to help your jr golfer

The 8 Best Ways to Help Your Junior Golfer: From a Swing Coach and Family Therapist

If you are wondering how to be most helpful for your junior golfer, here are some points to consider: MANAGE ...
A person sitting on a pole

A Tip for Dealing with a Diabolical Teen

Diabolical may be a little harsh.  Then again, after the fiery furnace of disregard for the rules, suspensions, and the ...
#1 Advice from a marriage counselor

#1 Advice From a Marriage Counselor

Be Yourself.  Let me be me—for that is all that I can be.  Trust, I will be there when you ...