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3 Reasons You Should Consider In-Home Therapy

There are many different reasons people seek out therapy and many different techniques and theories that are used in the process. One of these is In-home therapy. You may ask, “what exactly is In-Home Therapy?” It’s exactly what it sounds like, therapy that takes place in your home. Read below to learn more about what In-Home therapy is all about and why you should consider it. 

1. It’s More Convenient

One plus of In-Home therapy is that it’s convenient. You don’t have to drive anywhere. There are no waiting rooms involved. There is no need to get a babysitter. It’s just you in your home. It’s a great option for people with factors such as age, agoraphobia, chronic illness, or just anyone who may have difficulty getting to mental health facilities. 

2. You Feel More Comfortable In a Familiar Environment

Another benefit of In-Home Therapy is that you may feel more comfortable in the familiarity of your home. It’s much easier for you to open up and really get the help that you need when you don’t have to adjust to a new setting. This can really help in family counseling as therapists can observe interactions between families as they occur naturally. It can also lower the defenses of teenagers by meeting them in their own territory. We here at Momentum Counseling Services have seen great successes from working in environments that families are already used to.

3. Therapeutic Relationship May Develop More Quickly 

One main key to the success of therapy is developing a therapeutic relationship between the client and the clinician. Research from the American Psychological Association has shown that “the therapeutic relationship [has] been shown to correlate more highly with client outcome than specialized treatment interventions.” Basically, it’s important that you feel comfortable with your clinician. Because you feel familiar and comfortable in your home, often this essential therapeutic relationship develops more quickly than in the traditional therapy setting. 


Cameron VanKomen has been specializing in In-Home Therapy services for almost ten years. He has seen dramatic changes in youth, teenagers, confidence in learning parenting techniques, and overall family functioning. Click here to schedule an In-Home therapy appointment. You can also contact Cameron directly at 801-890-0737 for a free consultation. He can help you explore if In-Home Therapy services are a good fit for your current situation.


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