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4 Ways to Build Stronger Family Relationships

No family is perfect, just like the last blog we have mentioned, no one is perfect. Each of us has a family, it does matter if we are a son, daughter, father, or mother, like our body part, it matters. Here are some ways you can have quality time with your family.

1. Have dinner together as a family

It’s easier if we are still young and haven’t had our own family. Dinner together as a family doesn’t mean we sit at the same table with our phones and not communicate with each other. During the dinner, we can talk about our days, something funny that happened, what we saw on Facebook or news, or an event that you want to family to go together. 

2. Use “I” rather than “You”

Tell your family what you feel, express yourself to them. No one ever knows what is going on in your mind unless you tell them. Sometimes, I wish I could have this superpower, to read someone’s mind. So, say it, tell them “I love you”, or “I’m glad that you are my, brother, sister, father, or mother”. Start with “I” when you want to give them a critical comment. “I know you love music, so do I. But I have class at 8 in the morning and  it’s hard for me to sleep when you are playing music loud at midnight…” Communication is the key to any relationship.

3. Do fun things together as a family

It can be as simple as play board games, going on a hike, having a picnic or watching a movie. Or something big like going to a theme park, camping, or going on a vacation to another state. It helps us create fun memories as a family and have funny or embarrassing stories to tell in the future. My family is still telling the embarrassing story of me even though it happened 10 years ago.

4. Family Therapy Relational Counseling

The more people you get in a room, the closer you get to reality. Family therapy isn’t always as “warm and fuzzy” as individual counseling, but can be very effective in changing interaction patterns, resentment, and healing relationships. It isn’t just focusing on one individual but helps to change the environment and relationship of the family.

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